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What types of flooring do you install?

Trifecta Flooring offers a variety of installation options to meet your style and needs. Choose from hardwood, tile, vinyl (including luxury vinyl tile and sheet vinyl), rubber flooring, carpet, and carpet tile.


Can you help me choose the right flooring for my space?

We’ve got you covered! Our flooring experts will guide you through the selection process. We consider your style, budget, traffic needs, and desired functionality to recommend the perfect flooring solution that elevates your space.


What kind of warranty do you offer on your flooring?

Product warranties vary by material and manufacturer. Our team can provide details for your chosen flooring.


How much does it cost to install new flooring?

Flooring cost depends on space size, material choice, and installation complexity. We offer free consultations and quotes for upfront cost estimates.


What kind of maintenance do different flooring types require?

While we strive for low-maintenance solutions, each material has its needs. Hardwood requires occasional refinishing for lasting beauty. Vinyl is easy to care for, with regular sweeping and mopping keeping it clean. Carpet needs regular cleaning to maintain its appearance. Our team can advise on specific care routines for your chosen flooring.